Winter/Spring 2017
(Vol. XI, No. 1)

TSR WS 2017 COVER.jpg


Afua Ansong: Jacob & Rachel • Egypt • How Does Afua Survive the War?
Suzanne Parker: Talking in the Kitchen
Timothy Liu: The Encounter • Love Song to a Stranger • Poolside Villanelle
Jay Leeming: Break-Ups and Desperations • Lifestory in the Key of Stadium and Limousine • With the Beating of a Drum
Carl Sandburg: Languages
Jordan E. Franklin: Triggerfinger • Bitter Crop
Walt Whitman: The Indications, excerpt from Leaves of Grass
Mitchell King: The Psychic Hotline • Facebook And The Dead • Tucking • Dolly Parton Signed This Poem
Adrian Bonenberger: Poems from the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone
Billy Collins: Massage • Hexagon



Daniel Menaker: The African Svelte: Ingenious Misspellings That Make Surprising Sense, excerpt
Jenny Allen: My New Unguenteur


Lauren Harvey: They Will Take What They Will Take
Emily Sullivan: Worst-Case Scenario
Caitlin Mullen: Initiation
Douglas Lawson: Love in a Kitchen Garden
Nicole Hebdon: Ruslan Ludmillov
Jeordie: On a Good Day
Roger Rosenblatt: Stone Harvest, excerpt
Anabel Graff: A Country Weekend
Mike Roberts: A Cattle, a Crack-Up, excerpt



Jessica Soffer: Apricot Tarts
Martina Clark: Blue Marlin
Percy Bysshe Shelley: A Defence of Poetry, excerpt
Martha Cooley: Beyond the Border: Translating Tabucchi in Switzerland
Jack Mayer: Imposter
Sir Philip SidneyThe Defence of Poesy, excerpt
Jessica Soffer, Garth Greenwell, Sara Majka, & Iris Smyles: New & Noteworthy Writers Panel


art portfolios

Julio Reyes: Half-Told Stories
Corinne Geertsen: Mischief
Jonathan Smith: In the Eye of the Beholder
Gigi Mills: Unnoticed Beauty
Scott Bluedorn: Maritime Cosmology
Michael J. Mariano: Up Hill, On the Line (Study)
Joseph Alleman: House & Sky


cartoon portfolios

Grant Snider: Adventures of the Ampersand, The Cannon of Literature
Michael Maslin: A Cartoon About Writing About a Cartoonist
Matt Collines: Writers on Writing



Helen Schreiner: The Beginner–Adapted Short