How long have you been around?

Since 2007.

How many issues are published each year?

Two. Winter/Spring is published in November. Summer/Fall is published in April.

Where’s Southampton?

On the east end of Long Island, in New York.

Do you review books or publish book reviews?

We do not.

Do you publish speculative fiction?

If the story has plot, good characters, world building, clarity, and voice, we’ll absolutely consider it.

I was published in the most recent issue. How long should I wait to resubmit?

We recommend waiting at least two issues since the one in which you were published to resubmit to us.

On average, how long does it take for you to respond to a submission?

Six months. (We are trying to do better!)

Do you accept agented submissions?

Yes. Agents may email submissions to editors@thesouthamptonreview.com.

I’ve never been published before. What should I put in my cover letter?

We love publishing debut authors! It’s up to you if you want to let us know in your cover letter whether you’re previously unpublished.


We pay contributors whose work appear in the print edition—with the exception of anyone currently on the New York State payroll or who has been on the New York State payroll within the previous two years (this includes ALL New York State departments and institutions).

Additionally, our contributors receive a copy of the issue in which they appear. TSR Online contributors receive a one-year subscription.

How many submissions do you accept from Submittable for each issue?

Each reading period we receive around 1,500 submissions. Per print issue, we publish roughly 15 pieces that come to us via Submittable.

TSR Online, published once per week, is almost entirely comprised of pieces submitted to us through Submittable.

What are your least favorite words?

Panties, java, the phrase “shook/rocked me to my core,” smirk, saunter, describing eyes as “orbs,” the phrase “vaguely unsettling.”

if i use any of those words/phrases in my writing, will you reject my submission?

Not necessarily—if we rejected your submission it would be for reasons other than the one instance you described a character’s eyes as “unblinking blue orbs.” If we accepted your submission, however, we’d strongly suggest cutting that phrase.