the tsr nonfiction prize

(Formerly the Frank McCourt Memoir Prize)

January 1 - February 1

$1000- First Prize
$500 - Second Prize

Winning stories will be published in the Winter/Spring issue.
Everyone who submits will receive a copy of the issue in which the winning entries are published.

• 4,500 words max
• $15 per submission
• submission must be unpublished
• submission must be memoir
• one submission per author
• author name should not appear on submission

Make us laugh. Make us cry. Most importantly, tell us a story.

“Baab” by Isabel Seabeck
“Urumqi mon amour” by Massoud Hayoun

“Backtracking” by April Sopkin
“Orlando” by Laurel Dixon

“Delivering” by Suzy Vitello
“Sounds Kept in the Valley of the Tongue”
by Sarah Cadorette

“Spring, Miss Nelson's Class” by Scott Latta
“Black Sugar” by Elizabeth Robertson Laytin