Brand Values

The changes to the restrooms were similarly striking. In the men’s room, a woman’s sultry voice trilled out of an overhead speaker: “I love my luxe, luxe luxury brand. Sexy. Beautiful. Don’t you? Don’t you love me?” Then she started to scream.

Or maybe laugh. Leonard wasn’t sure.

Thy Neighbour's Goods

Across the street from thy house, the mouth of thy neighbour’s garage yawneth open, revealing the full measure of thy neighbour’s goods. Thy neighbor doth labor singly, lading a white U-Haul pickup truck. His wife hath driven him out of his home on account of his sin.


Drawing and painting allow me to express myself beyond the boundaries of language. I feel especially inspired by nature—observing spontaneous patterns such as the veins of a leaf, the colors on a watermelon, or the sinusoidal movement of the river.