Jacob & Rachel

Afua Ansong • winter/spring 2017


I do not like the way the story ends,
how she has prayed to God and
begs to be remembered and God
leaves her dying on some journey
away from home. But I do giggle
with money gold overtime, believing
that Jacob worked 14 good years
to keep a woman he couldn’t resist
but kissed at first glance. I replay
the story over and over again
when I have a difficult break-up.
My name isn’t Leah so I know
if he left after only 7 years, my kiss
must have been cold and 14
years must have sounded lame.

AFUA ANSONG is a Ghanaian-American artist who writes poetry and teaches contemporary and traditional West African dance. She’s currently working on several projects about the migration of humans and birds. Her work can be seen or is forthcoming in The Seventh Wave, The Maine Review, and other magazines.