Winter/Spring 2016
(Vol. X, No. 1)


Tribute to E. L. Doctorow

Matt Collins: Portrait of E. L. Doctorow
We Conduct Our Lives by Stories, Part I
E. L. Doctorow: Heist 
We Conduct Our Lives by Stories, Part II
Interviewed by George Plimpton: The Paris Review, E. L. Doctorow, The Art of Fiction No. 94
We Conduct Our Lives by Stories, Part III


Tribute to James Salter

Matt Collins: Portrait of James Salter
Style is the Writer, Part I
James Salter: My Lord You
Style is the Writer, Part II
Interviewed by Edward Hirsch: The Paris Review, James Salter, The Art of Fiction No. 133
Style is the Writer, Part III
George Saunders: Taut Rhythmic Surfaces
James and Kay Salter: Life is Meals: A Food Lover’s Book of Days, Excerpt


Art portfolio

Andrea Kowch: Across a Rural Skyline
Mario Andres Robinson: Portraits in the American Tradition
Roberto Bernardi, Anthony Brunelli, Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, Peter Maier, Richard McLean, Robert Neffson, Yigal Ozeri, John Salt: Real, Yet More than Real
Anne Siems: Places in Dreamtime (excerpt)



Michael Maslin: My Artistic Process
Matt Collins: Word Search
Grant Snider: My Ideas, Story Lines
Liza Donnelly: Best Advice I Ignored


Billy Collins: Predator • Goats • Yoga • Portrait • Drawing Class
Elaine Equi: Monogrammed Aspirin • A Purely Nostalgic Poem • The Escaped Convict • The Man Who Liked to Play With String • The Basho Variation
Kevin McLellan: Dis/Solutions
Geoffrey O'Brien: Public Notice • The Late Crowd • Aoshima
Tara Ballard: Reading E. L. Doctorow in Greece
Susan Goslee: Extraordinary rendition, 2004
Tyler Allen Penny: Vicious • Some Things This Poem Addresses
Claudia Carlson: First MRI • Hospitality
Albert Mobilio: Togethering
Michelle of Whittaker: A Mirror of Pretty Fungus • The Engagement • A Mirror of Meat
Jerome Sala: Beaming
Hal Sirowitz: Dusting Yourself Off • Questions Only One Can Answer
Sarah Azzara: An Olympian Crown of Sonnets 


Short, Short Fiction Contest winners

Cody Mullins: Deep Sea Diving
Christina Murphy: Quasi una fantasia
Tina Tocco: Exodus



Amy Hempel: Equivalent
Alison Fairbrother: The Jaguar 
Jacqueline Henry: Impacted
Judson Merrill: Railroad Town
Emmett Haq: Laudable Darkness
Jody Brooks: The Desk Fans
Brooke Kolcow: The Girl Who Wasn’t Was
Neel N. Patel: An Arrangement
David Lynn: Impression & Correspondence


Memoir & Essay

Thea Lim: Shanghai Longing
Mitchell Dean: Revival
Antoinette Martin: Standing Firm
Jane Hamilton: The Piano Recital


Photography portfolio

Theo Gray: Baltimore 
Sebastião Salgado: Ice


Crossword puzzle

Ross Trudeau: On Nonfiction