The Haunting

I always believed in blind dates, especially when arranged by my kid brother. He's the tall, good-looking one surrounded by beautiful people in the ad agency where he runs their biggest accounts. Then there's me, the bookworm—the divorced woman with two young boys holding down a job while juggling joint custody rules. You can image how little time I had to meet men. 

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Commute #2

With smallness; with the ritual scratch
of the aperture, the suctioning force of the wound, 
the day pressed itself into the hours, a glance shot
askew and wrapping against the rocky shore
that breaks the water open like an oil.   

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Brand Values

The changes to the restrooms were similarly striking. In the men’s room, a woman’s sultry voice trilled out of an overhead speaker: “I love my luxe, luxe luxury brand. Sexy. Beautiful. Don’t you? Don’t you love me?” Then she started to scream.

Or maybe laugh. Leonard wasn’t sure.

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Drawing and painting allow me to express myself beyond the boundaries of language. I feel especially inspired by nature—observing spontaneous patterns such as the veins of a leaf, the colors on a watermelon, or the sinusoidal movement of the river.

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