Summer/Fall 2015
(Vol. IX, No. 2)


On Craft

Meg Wolitzer, Melissa Bank, Star Black, Frederic Tuten, Iris Smyles, Grant Snider: How I Trick Myself into Getting to Work—Part I
Ursula Hegi: Finding Kalle Jansen
David AbramsJessica Soffer, Roger Rosenblatt, Elena Gorokhova, Sande Boritz Berger, Jean Hanff Korelitz, George Booth, Michael Maslin: How I Trick Myself into Getting to Work—Part II
Emily Smith Gilbert: The Language of Font 


Memoir & Essay

Peter Matthiessen: Men’s Lives
Baylis Greene: The Brief Golfing Life of Oscar Bunn
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Circles
Rose Burke: Thirteen Stages of Grief
Danielle Berg: non finito


Art Portfolios

Linda Capello: Life Drawings 
Claus Hoie: “Ah, the world! Oh, the World!” 
William Merritt Chase & Fairfield Porter: Lights of the East End
Byron Dobell: Cloud Study 2014
Thomas Wharton: Skin Deep 


Cartoon Portfolios

Grant Snider: Great Aspirations, An Incantation for Working
George Booth: Some Thoughts on Chasing the Creative Impulse… 
Liza Donnelly: Three Cartoons
Victoria Roberts: Three Cartoons


Ross Trudeau: I Just Couldn’t Put it Down!


Billy Collins: Frost at the Stove • What a Woman Said to Me
After a Reading in the Napa Valley • Comet
Chloe Wilson: Lear Jet
John Gosslee: Giraffe Autopsy
Cathering Moore: Somniloquy • And Your Mother was Hippolyta?
Jennifer Lobaugh: Postcard from Meriwether Lewis • delirium clement
Marty McConnell: The trouble with all of this
Dante Di Stefano: Thirteen
Alicia Mountain: Purpose is the Body and the Un-body • Palomino •
Orange Grove and a View of the Pacific

Nausheen Yusuf: Ode to the Joke
Lane Kovarik: Marigold Moon Tori
Rebecca Foust: Her Limited Point of View • Tot’s Cove: A Round •
Skinny Dip
Len Krisak: Further Consideration of Yancy Derringer’s Debt to Pahoo
Betsy Hulik: Absence Cannot be Imagined, Only Felt
Julio C. González Martínez: A Mango in Main Street • Detour
J. E. Nissley: A Garden, Not Otherwise Specified
Abriana Jetté: Advice to Eurydice
Ralph Sneeden: Giant Nazi Flag Escapes from an Attic Vodka Box  
Robert Wrigley: Swallows • Bougainvillea • Dio Mio 


The Roger Rosenblatt Comic Essay Prize

Gregory Golaszewski: North of Orlando, Winner
Pamela Walters: Dinner with Dr. Malnot



Roxana Robinson: In Naples 
Alejandro Varela: Crime in the 21st Century
Nora Decter: Bad Hand
Taylor Lea Hicks: Relationlists
Devin DeMarco: Happy Birthday, Beatrice
Woody Lewis: Retablo
Sheena Cook: The Polish Veterinarian 
John Rosenblatt: The Assignment
Struan Sinclair: Diaspora
Deborah Mooney Harris: News of My Life
Chase Dearinger: Ends Like This
L. E. Miller: The Heartbreaking Beauty of an October Sky