memorandum on plans for a city

first we must arrange the burial of the dead,
what some say are arrangements for life. the body seen through police eyes
we call it mourning. the ceremony. others call it an inconvenient bus ride.
city hall and its charms. we are conditioned to harm people.
time and materials cost money.
after the dead are gone, and i mean when they are, when they are,
when the dead are gone.
after and when allude to time. beyond the origin of words
i have nothing to offer but once there was darkness.
we go to Grogon and enjoy a meal. distance and time mark a city.
concepts for the intelligent.
i want nothing but your laughter in braces.

CLIFTON GACHAGUA has published a volume of poetry, Madman at Kilifi, and appears in a chapbook box set, Seven New Generation African Poets (University of Nebraska Press). He writes from Nairobi.  

Twitter: @CliftonGachagua
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