Froëg ~ /frowg/ ~ an immense passion to express oneself

Drawing and painting allow me to express myself beyond the boundaries of language. I feel especially inspired by nature—observing spontaneous patterns such as the veins of a leaf, the colors on a watermelon, or the sinusoidal movement of the river.

My work is also informed by my personal experiences. From dealing with the pressure to conform, to questioning conventions, to thinking about my own environmental footprint.

In my artwork, I focus on imaginary creatures, often attaching legs to fruit, trees, and various objects. I also draw and paint what I witness in nature, with my friends, in a book, or in a song. I respond to my experiences on paper.  A common theme in my work is layering—placing one paint over another to capture the complexity of life. My work is fueled by my gratitude for the intricacies of the universe and human connections. I am in the process of using my art to make a positive impact, promoting creative expression as a method of healing. With my art, I aspire to give something back and to share my own sense of wonder and awe. Much of my work can be viewed at  adamjonahartist.com.

ADAM JONAH is a self-taught 18-year-old artist. He encourages imaginative exploration through his innovative United Imagination project. Jonah created a “One for collector, one for community” concept: for every installation sold to a private collector, he donates one to a community organization. His work has exhibited at The First City Project, Ille Arts Gallery Holiday Show 2016, Eleven Under Thirty Group show Spring 2017, and Art Market + Design Summer 2017. United Imagination is a top 10 finalist for the international Next Einstein competition.