Art of Music

Ontario-based illustrator Michael DeForge first began making band posters in high school. Printing his designs using a silkscreening rig he set up in his parents’ basement, DeForge would trade his posters for free tickets to shows.

Today, DeForge is an award-winning comic artist who’s published more than 10 books of illustrations—and he continues to make posters (albeit, using slightly more high-tech tools), though he admits they’re a labor of love.

“Posters aren’t lucrative, so you have to enjoy making them.” Most of the bands he works with he also listens to, and their music influences his designs. When making a poster, DeForge is careful to honor the band’s sound, its image, and the mood the music evokes. He names Seripop, Eduardo Munoz Bachs, and Mat Brinkman as important influences.

—Cornelia Channing

MICHAEL DEFORGE draws comics in Toronto, Ontario. His books include Very Casual, A Body Beneath, Ant Colony, First Year Healthy, Dressing, Big Kids, and Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero. 

DeForge draws a daily comic called Leaving Richard's Valley. He's currently offering a digital comics subscription service via Patreon, which you can read more about here.  |  Twitter  |  Instagram