Summer/Fall 2016 (Vol. X, No. 2)


Special Section: Food and Wine

M.F.K. Fisher: Foreword
Ellen Watson: Farm to Table
Sarah McCoy: Conjugal Hyperglycemia
 Jacques Pépin: On Cooking
Ana Daniel: The Day I Telephoned Julia Child
Julia Child: Casserole-Roasted Chicken *Poulet Poêlé à l’Estragon
Geoffrey Drummond: Bon Appétit!
Giuseppe Arcimboldo: Inversion
Abby Caplin: Linguine with Clams
Barbara Thomas: Painting Our Food
Colin Fleming: A New Englander Enters from the Side
Ina Garten: About Anna
The Editors: Literary Bites
The Editors: A Chef on Writing
Marilee Foster: Sagaponack Potatoes
Matt Collins: Moveable Feasts
M.F.K. Fisher: W is for Wanton
The Editors: More for the Epicurious
Rebecca de Winter: Cubed, Skewered, Chopped
Liz MooreA Year of Last Things
Ben Jonson: Inviting a Friend to Supper
Kelly Carmody: Deeper Sense


Art & Photography

Alberto Gálvez: Now and Then
Major Jackson & Jill Moser: Urban Renewal: A Painter & a Poet Collaborate
Kathy Ruttenberg: The Beast in All of Us
Albert York: The Mysteries of Albert York
Lucille Berill Paulsen: On Being and Dogginess

Frank McCourt Memoir Prize Winners

Frank McCourt on the Memoir
Scott Latta: Spring, Miss Nelson’s Class
Elizabeth Robertson Laytin: Black Sugar



Jane Hamilton: The Excellent Lombards, excerpt
John Stintzi: The Many Lakes of Algonquin
Ikwo Ntekim: Fake Plastic Trees
Taylor Antrim: Striking a Minor 
Ben Black: Loverboy
Iris Smyles: Donner, Party of Two, excerpt
Andrew Botsford: Size Matters
KD Williams: All’s Quiet



Rashaun J. Allen: 14
Daly Walker: Phantom Pain
Svetlana Alexievich: Nobel Lecture: The Nobel Prize in Literature 2015
Cindy Frenkel: Galway Kinnell and the Blue Button-Down
Adreyo Sen: First Loves



Grace Schulman: Erratic • Greenwich Village Street Talk • Sleep No More • A Love Supreme • The Jetty
Robert Levy: Mayan Ruin with Iguana • Bird Feeder
Brian Cudzilo: [David Shapiro in the poetry section] • [I could never eat a poem] • [bio]
Richard Lincoln: Fear of Falling
Christopher Citro: He Must Have Gone to Sleep Eventually
Galway Kinnell: The Bear
Jennifer Brooke: Blended Family • My Poem About Shingles
Tom Holmes: Birth Date First Date - Tom Holmes
Billy Collins: Down on the Farm • Me First



Grant Snider: Abecedarium, Writers Style Guide
Matt Collins: Animal Instincts