Women Wrapped in Color

From her garden studio overlooking meadows, Jacqueline van der Plaat paints images of women filled with color and liveliness. Van der Plaat’s inspiration comes from fashion magazines, specifically the color and composition of female forms. “I use model drawing to get shapes right and to draw spontaneously. Color is important in my work—for I am inspired by nature and I look at work from other artists. Pinterest is also helpful for collecting ideas.” When asked about specific women who have inspired her art, van der Plaat lists: Dutch painter Marlene Dumas, American photographer Annie Leibovitz, Dutch singer Anouk, American writer Elizabeth Gilbert, and Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes.

Of her artistic intention, van der Plaat notes: “I hope viewers will look at my paintings and see interesting female bodies, with strong poses, colors, and shapes. I want people to use their imagination and create their own stories about the relationships between the women in my paintings.”

—The Editors