Summer 2014 (Vol. VIII, No. 2)


On Craft

Judith Hertog: Writing in Tongues
Jennifer Brooke: Interview with Patricia McCormick



Kerry Anderson: Elephant Gold 
Meredith Hasemann: Laura and Lisabeth • Thumbs
Nothing of a Blue Remains •
Rowan Ricardo Phillips: Grand poème pathétique
Austin Allen: To a Doctor-Poet
Adam Penna: To an Imaginary Friend 4 • To an Imaginary Friend 12 • To an Imaginary Friend 14
Lee Upton: Melting and Shrieking • Bring Back the Broom
Molly Lurie-Marino: The Brooks Brothers Promise
Billy Collins: Traffic


Art Portfolios

April Gornik: Light, Sky, Sea
Hal Buckner: The Power of a Single Line 
Raphaël Renaud: Urban
James McMullan: Leaving China, an Excerpt
Edward Minoff: Six Portraits 
Alexandra Noat-Dumest:

Memoir & Essay

Roger Rosenblatt: The Book of Love, Improvisations on a Crazy Little Thing, Excerpts
Howard Gunston: Sure, I’d Love to See You Again
Suzanne Ottilie Kay: Surviving Fame, an Excerpt
Julianne Jones: The Act of Being Saved
Richard E. Cytowic: Teaching Death
Fae Leslie: About 
Paul Goldsmith: Burying Ground
Claudia Reilly: “Paper or Plastic?
I See you Forgot Your Cloth Bags…Again” 
Gail Sheehy: An Excerpt from Daring
Kissinger and the Kitchen Wars
Adrienne Unger: The Football
Robert Kenny: The Cattle Knew
Jen Hinst-White: Confessions of a Food Truck Faith Healer
Martha Cooley: What a Circus!
Dorothy Hom: Meals 
Ana Daniel: Bride’s Dinner
Kyle Byrne: Wrought by Those Hands



Bret Anthony Johnston: Young Life 
Emily Buckler: Brand Values 
Vanessa Cuti: Observations
John Hill: Monkey Number One
Alice Mattison: Provincetown 


Cartoon Portfolios

George Booth: A Dog’s Tale, More Tales from the Dog, Even More Tales from the Dog
Liza Donnelly: Five Cartoons
Grant Snider: Creative Housekeeping