Summer 2012 (Vol. VI, No. 2)



Susan Scarf Merrell: I Know Who I Love
Ellen Prentiss Campbell: Depth Perception
Allan Retzky: The Beach Walker
Jen Senft: Prison Visit
Ruqqiya Greenidge: Bordertown
Mervyn Rothstein: The Heights
Elizabeth Poliner: A Woman Ahead of Her Time
Rakia Marashi: Open Arms


On Writing

Dorothy Parker


Turkana Basin Special Section

Dr. Richard Leakey: On Language: A Lecture


Cartoon Portfolios

Laura Donnelly: Two Cartoons
Michael Maslin: Two Cartoons


photography Portfolios

Francine Fleischer: Swim
Diana Frank: Aquatics


Art Portfolio

Paul Chojnowski: Nudes
Ana Daniel: Introduction
Karl Mann: Collages
Ana Daniel: A Demon of Creativity: Introduction
A. Robert Towbin: Three Drawings
Jules Feiffer: Nixon
Margaret Garrett: Tuning Fields

Memoir & Personal Essay

Roger Rosenblatt: Wanderer
Mitchell Kriegman: The Crooked People in the Crazy House
Dorothy Marcic: What’s Yours is Mine…Or, How to Sample Your Life
Violet Turner: Two Sisters
Ian Williams: I Knew Her, Horatio
Mary Messina Remmler: Surgery & Swahili
Christian McLean: Camera Shy
Adrienne Unger: A Deck Gently Tapped Together
Valerie Marie Scopaz: Bagged
Syma Joffe Gerard: My Son My Daughter
Ana Daniel: Fire Island
Sarah Azzara: Best Breakup Ever
Victor Giannini: And Now for Something Completely Different: A Writer Meditates on the Nature Walk
Diana Gallagher: First Words
Daniel Menaker: Onconversations


Poetry & Lyric Essay

Billy Collins: Lucky Bastards • Heraclitus in Florida • Flying Over West Texas • 3 Haiku • Looking for a Friend in a Crowd of Arriving Passengers: A Sonnet
Albert Abonado: Three Colophons
Byron Dobell: Mors Medici
Anna Catone: Something Wordless
Julie Sheehan: A Note from the Poetry Editor
Ruth Bonapace: This Turkana Place
Betsy Bonner: On the Origins of Language as Seen Through Binoculars
Bob Holman: Sitting at a Table at Richard Leakey’s Turkana Basin Insitute Writing a Poem
Carla Caglioti: Why Old Men Wear Sweaters in Summer
Julie Marie Wade: The (Old) New World: Pioneering the Lyric Essay
Ricardo Pau-Llosa: Archimedes’ Screw
Lauren Hilger: Conjoined
John F. Buckley & Martin Ott: Burn’ded • Better Living Through Television
Ginny Rosenblatt: March 20
Ursula Hegi: Tundra: Water Before Land Before Water Ever Was • Bering Sea: Still Waiting • Ketchikan: Daniel Howling