Spring 2010 (Vol. IV, No. 1)


Cartoon Portfolios

Gahan Wilson: Two Cartoons
Michael Maslin: Five Cartoons
Jules Feiffer: Puttin’ on the Ritz
Liza Donnelly: Four Cartoons
Arnold Roth: A Writer of Self-Help Books • A Nature Writer • A Writer of Tragic Poems


Photography Portfolio

Kenneth Cooke: Afghanistan to Zanzibar… and Places in Between



Jules Feiffer: Front Cover: Rite of Spring
Arnold Roth: Back Cover: A Writer of Tragic Poems
Jules Feiffer: Images: III, 18, 62, 119, 213, 246

Memoir and Personal Essay

Elena Gorokhova: Young Pioneers
Daniel De Simone: Memory, Reason and Imagination: Restoring Jefferson’s Library for the Library of Congress
Julia Glass: When Julie Met Deb
Judith Dunford: Remembrances of Jack
Martine Louis: Lagny-Sur-Marne: Musique
Richard Lincoln: David Levine & the Summer Resort of Last Resort a Coney Island Reminiscence
Matthew Miranda: Comets
Mindy Kronenberg: Love Stories
Syma Joffe Gerard: Adult Education 1967
Jo-Ann McLean: The Wizard of Christmas Eve
Kathleen A. Ryan: The Watcher
Roger Rosenblatt: Making Toast


Mercedes Lawry: Oblivion, Like Apple Sauce, Perhaps
Molly Peacock: Alder, After the Apex • &
Joey Van Scoy: Ode to Prophylactics
Jeffrey Perkins: Contemporary Art Museum
Kimberly Quiogue Andrews: n: Shield, or Shell Covering • A Brief History of Fruit • At the Castle of What Is and Is Not
Joan Houlihan: As Light Does to a Ground at Rise • To Find the Father • Hung as Skins • Where Father-Shadow • Hurried Before Dawn-Dark
Miranda Beeson: Sunday Morning
Douglas Kearney: The Post
Mankh: The Marathon of Your Smile • One Man’s Mythology – No. 8



Colin Fleming: The Bee’s Knees
Terence Lane: Be Our Son
Translated by Ana Daniel: L’Ève Future, From Villiers de L’Isle-Adam
Susan Scarf Merrell: Method Acting
Daly Walker: One Day in the Life of Ivan Jones
Barbara Wright: White Hands: Excerpt from the Novel
Lou Ann Walker: Arrow
Magdalene Brandeis: Box: Excerpt from the Novel