Summer 2010 (Vol. IV, No. 2)



Marion Morgan: Sit Like a Buddha and Wait
Terence Lane: Quashawam Deer
James Carey Doane: Aqua Acuity
Bruce Jay Friedman: Sardines
Holly Hubbard Preston: Blue Nocturne
Ursula Hegi: Children and Fire


Art Portfolios

Scott Sandell: Maritime
Curated by Pamela Talese: Water: An Exhibition
Rex Lau: Acqua Pazza


Cartoon Portfolios

Liza Donnelly: Four Literary Cartoons
Arnold Roth: Three literary heroes and their hydration challenges
Andrew Weldon: Four Literary Cartoons
Michael Maslin: Five Literary Cartoons                        


Billy Collins: Bird • Girl • Poetry Workshop Held in a Former Factory in Key West
Timothy Liu: PlayStation • No Morning After • One Night Stand • Another Sad Madrigal • 1-900-SHE-MALE • Tried to Stay Unconscious • Goes About Her Business
Grace Schulman: The Last Crossing • Whelk Shell
Linda Bierds: The Moths: Virginia Woolf, 1940
Ode on Mania: Phebe Szatmari
Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan: Maybe Someday I Will Get It Right
Ruth Sabath Rosenthal: Mexico • The Calling Tree
Ravi Shankar: MC Walt & The Body Electric • I Could No Longer Play I Could No Longer Play by Instinct, Photograph, 1977 • Sag Harbor
Star Black: The Nearest Sprain
L.B. Thompson: Dive



Neal Gabler: Ted Kennedy’s Dark Sea
Kaylie Jones: The Currents at Fox do Arelbo
Elinor Lipman: Watching the Masters by Myself
Derek Owens: A Long Line of Alchemists
Kathleen Goldhirsch: Blood and Water
Tony Scarlatos: The Telephone Tree
Kate Daloz: Consider the Dowser
Helen Rogan: Eight Glasses a Day
Tracy Strauss: Surf City
Nabil Shawkat: Apartment Hunting in Aleppo
Martha Cooley: The Island



 Mary Pearl: The Future of Water
Clark Blaise: Water


Photography Portfolios

Anthony Lombardo: The East End
Clifford Ross: New Hurricanes
Christian McLean: Due Date



 Edward Sorel: Front Cover
Gahan Wilson: Back Cover
Amy Portnoy: Kite
κ.ο.τ.ε : Photographs