Summer 2009 (Vol. III, No. 2)



Frank McCourt: Boylan’s Brooklyn B&B


Memoir & Personal Essay

Frank McCourt: Angela’s Ashes: An Excerpt
Roger Rosenblatt: An Essay on Himself
Susan Jane Gilman: Only a Teacher
Helen Simonson: We’ve Been Poor Before—We Can Do It Again
Betsy Carter: Act of Insanity
Colum McCann: The Chain Lightning of Frank McCourt
Terence Patrick Moran: First Friday
Alphie McCourt: Shadow of a Memoir
Nicholas Mayes Sopkin: Everyone
Kathleen Lynch: An American Girl Song
Elizabeth McCourt: Meeting Teacher Man
Alan Alda: A Moment of Frankness
Clark Blaise: Smudges on the Photograph
Anne Taylor Fleming: The Delicious Moralist
Robert Emmett Ginna: The Laureate of Limerick
Laura Baudo: McCourt’s Complaint
John Burnham Schwartz: Under the Hood
Malachy McCourt: My Unsainted Brother
Christian McClean: McCourt: The Quiz
Frank McCourt: My Mother
Frank McCourt: Wit and Wisdom
W.S. Merwin: Listening to Frank


Grace Schulman: New Netherland, 1654 • Speak, Memory • First Nights
Scott Hightower: Canto Ampezzano
Robert Thomas: Leaf by Leaf
Sharon Dolin: The Necklace • For the Alabaster Figure from the Cyclades • Foehn
Alexandra van de Kamp: Miniature Secretary Incorporating a Watch
Jay Rubin: Henniker • Tidewater • Cicadas
Tara Propper: Three Incantations by Creeping Sisters
Jill Bialosky: Poison Ivy
Mark Aiello: Elision
Michelle Whittaker: After Dinner • Stones Formerly Known as Love
Patricia Spears Jones: Three Living Room Poems: After the Oscars • Silver Shoes and Frederick Seidel • Borges Dream, 4:35 A.M.


On Craft

Jacques Barzun & Lionel Trilling: How to Write an Essay: Barzun and Trilling Sum It Up



Frank McCourt: McCourt Speaks


Cartoon Portfolios

Amy Portnoy: People at the Party
Arnold Roth: Three Types of Writers
Liza Donnelly: Five Cartoons
Michael Maslin: Five Cartoons


Drawing Portfolio

Gregory de la Haba: A McSorley’s Ale Tale
Magdalene Brandeis: Essay
Gregory de la Haba: Letter from Artist to His Muse


Painting Portfolio

Stuart Shils: The Irish Landscape
Katherine Vogel: Essay



Chip Cooper: Frank & Company



Arnold Roth: Front Cover
Jules Feiffer: Dancing Man
Amy Portnoy: “We’ve Been Poor Before…” • “Some Kitchen Things” • “Precious Rooms for Rent” • “A Nice Cuppa” • “Jazz Band” • “Rory”