Summer 2008 (Vol. II, No. 1)



Matt Kapelas: From Smooth Calling
James Carey Doane: Light, Shadow and Skin
Ronda Muir: The Evolution of Certianty
Allan Retzky: The Woman in Pink and White
Julia Glass: A Door in the Sky


Memoir & Personal Essay

Bruce Jay Friendman: Take a Right at Michael Caine
Lynne Sharon Schwartz: Skimming the Eternal City
Jules Feiffer: The Professor of I Don’t Know Where I’m Going With This, But Let’s Find Out
Marsha Kenny: Country Club
Mindy Kronenberg: Right Back Atcha
Jenny Allen: L.L. Bean and Me
Joseph Heller: From No Laughing Matter
Speed Vogel: The Gourmet Clu


On Craft

Billy Collins: Talk Delivered at Southampton Writers Conference, Summer 200


Philip Schultz: Freak, or Dyslexia Blues • Ivan Exits
Byron Dobell: In the Old Actor’s Home
Angela Ball: Someday I’ll Take Again My Lightning • Drive Through Love • Color Film
Sean Brendan-Brown: Admit Defeat, Eat Fast Food & Telecommute
Carla Caglioti: Three Poems: I. Dishes; II. Dusting; III. Washing Windows
Vicki Wilson: The Kiss • My Father Built Our House • They Looked Like They Were Dancing
Harvey Shapiro: Departures
Richard Lincoln: Company
Adrienne Unger: The Fountain • Correspondence
Peter Green:  Apokreas and After: An Easter Meditation
Ginny Rosenblatt: June Monday • Ice Blink


Cartoon Portfolios

J.B. Handelsman: From the Cartoonist’s Studio
Essay by Jean Marie Hazelto



Byron Dobell: Portrait of Speed Vogel
Amy Portnoy: Take a Right at Michael Caine • L.L. Bean and Me • Typ



Gordon Gagliano: Ursula Swimming I • Sagaponack at Dusk
Amy Portnoy: Beach Scenes
Whitney Hansen: Sag Harbo



Meryl Spiegel: Making Contact
Anne Hall: J.B. and G.P. Handelsma