Summer 2013 (Vol. VII, No. 2)


On Craft

Sven Birkerts: No Such Thing as Time 
The Editors: Interview with Maggie Scarf Merrell
Terrie Sultan: Interview with Eric Fischl
Sheila Bilak, Eastin DeVerna, Mira Wood, Ruqqiya Lydia Greenidge, Jeannine Jones, Patricia Romano McGraw, Lloyd Keaton, Paula Pou, Valerie Marie Scopaz, Gail Sheehy, Anjelica Whitehorne, Catherine Zimmermann: Roger Rosenblatt and the Memoir
Zachary Lazar: Prison Truths
Terese Svoboda: There’s a Closet for That
Susan Cheever: The Dethroning of the Dowager
Dinah Lenney: Green Earrings



Jane Condon: Janie Unchained
Frederic Tuten: At Stanley’s Place


Cartoon Portfolios

Michael Maslin: Three Cartoons
Jules Feiffer: Two Cartoons
Liza Donnelly: Three Cartoons
Paul Noth: Cartoon
Barry Blitt: Autographs


photography Portfolios

Joe Pinaturo: La Serenissima


Art Portfolio

John Morra: Paintings
Aniik Libby: Water Works
text by Anita Desai, prints by Ranjani Shettar: Varsha
Cornelia Foss: Reflections on Life

Memoir & Essay

Roger Rosenblatt: The Boy Detective 
Frank McCourt: The Hug
Robert Reeves: Jitney Story
Maggie Bloomfield: My Incredible Shrinking
Ursula Hegi: Did This Really Happen to You?
Daly Walker: Andersonville
Arlene Alda: Before the Vaccine
Bob Morris: Music, Summer, Evening
Sally Susman: Rocky Time
Elena Gorokhova: A Good Run
Retha Schlabach Elmhorst: Working
Tracy M. King-Sanchez: Shameless Shame
Mary Richie: The Manhan
Jo-Ann Santora McLean: Summer of ’59



Joseph Birone: Cubs Kill the Rangers
Marian Thurm: Kosta
Charles Booth: Oakhurst Lane
Donna Baier Stein: News Feed
Richard Panek: A Short, Short, Short Story
Murzban Shroff: Confessions of a Family Man
Jacqueline Guidry: The Mated Optimist
Robert Emmett Ginna: The Rod Builder



Peter Leight: In the Country of Memory
Jim Daniels: On Our Answering Machine, Bob Plays the Harmonica • Good Teeth • Between Two Muses •
“School’s Out,” Alice Cooper, 1972
Holly Weinberg: Art Happenings with Words
Kay Cosgrove: You’re My Kind of Man
Mercedes Lawry: The Beckett Girl
Jenna Le:  We’ll Always Have Flushing • Our Metaphors Don’t Describe Us, They Are Us • Folk Tale
Michael Bazzett: My Pain
Martin Cockroft: Greene County Gold • Problem of Evil
Hilary Sideris: His Demise • Chuck
Molly Sutton Kiefer: Middle Sand Lake
Brian Cudzilo: A Modern Poem
Daniel King: Hyperion • Ixion
George J. Searles: One Version of the Future
Billy Collins: The Note • The Last Thing You See