Spring 2014 (Vol. VIII, No. 1)


On Craft

Kathryn Levy: Questions for Robert Pinsky
What Story Influences You Most?
     Melissa Bank
     Roger Rosenblatt
     Christopher Byrd
     Billy Collins
     Daniel Menaker
     Meg Wolitzer
     Emma Walton Hamilton
     Genevieve Crane
     Ali Simpson
     Ursula Hegi
     Julie Sheehan
     Thomas Dyja
     Mika Seifert
     Marian Wolbers
     Nahid Rachlin
     Robert Reeves
     Patricia McCormick
     Matt Ward
     Jacqueline Goodwin
     Julialicia Case
     Paula Whyman

Stephen Dau: An Accumulation of Words


Cartoon Portfolios

Barry Blitt: I Paint What I See
Michael Maslin: If Salinger Tweeted
Jason Katzenstein: Life Drawing


photography Portfolios

Bastienne Schmidt: Film Stills
Irchard Huebner: The Eye Behind the Lens
Paulette Tavormina: Photography Portfolio


Art Portfolio

Matthew Levine: Investigations
Anita Kusick: Plein Air

Memoir & Essay

Cathy Zimmermann: Perfect Parker 
Judy L. Mandel: My Sister’s Voice
Ricki Miller: Absolutely Perfect
John Erman: The Making of An Early Frost



Edwidge Danticat: Je Voudrais Etre Riche: A Trickster Tale
Lynn Gordon: A Visit in Winter
Christopher Byrd: Toast
Mika Seifert: The Stone
Marian Wolbers: The Rescue
Paula Whyman: Bad Side In
Matt Ward: One Last Tip
Nahid Rachlin: In The Country
Julialicia Case: Frank
Rachel Pastan: A Full Life
Deborah Pearl Siegel: It’s a Tsunami, Mommy
Jacqueline Goodwin: I’m Just Looking, Thank You
Emily Smith Gilbert: The Thing About The Girls
D.A. Hosek: Thy Neighbour’s Goods



Ben Jonson: His Excuse for Loving
Robert Pinsky: Rhyme 
Andrew Kozma: Every Snowflake Will Have Its Own Name
Marilyn Nelson: Counting Pains • Thistle in a Field
M.E. Bunzel: Elegy in A Flat Major
Brian Abram: The Everyday River • Lemons in Greek • Rarely, If Ever • Moving Earth
Sibhan Phillips: Notes on a Chronic Illness
Russel Swensen: Danielle, I’ve Seen You Falter
Rae Gouirand: By Heart • Red Rain
Mia Sara: Dress Code
Hannah Craig: Bird Skeleton • Nothing Will be Left White but Here a Birch
Joddy Murray: Olive Season
Christopher Mulrooney: The Minders
Talia Bloch: Waking
Robert Griffith: Saint Columba’s Prayer • Saint Columba Expresses His Doubts
Carlyn Timbie: Colorado Bulldog Minutes • Youngest of the Meteors • Cooking Time: 70 Minutes
Jordi Alonso: Verba Volant • Fragment 40 • Ode to Bread
Jason Tandon: The End of Grief • Beatitude
Martha Hollander: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
Billy Collins: Oh, Lonesome Me • Irish Spider