Spring 2013 (Vol. VII, No. 1)



Vanessa Cuti: Vacation
Ali Simpson: The Monster
Sarah Gauch: The Birds of Udaipur
David Jack Kenny: She’s Gone
Joshua Pasternak: Foreign Currency Minted in the New World
Christopher Byrd: Alice Cosgrove
Katie Burpo: Hoosiers Abroad
Dave Engeldrum: Wesley’s Home
Matthew Klam: Introduction
Michael Don: Eggplant


Plays & screenplay

Daniel Okrent & Peter Gethers: Old Jews Telling Jokes
Anders Thomas Jensen, adapted by David Rakoff: The New Tenants


Cartoon Portfolios

Gahan Wilson: Writers’ Blocks
Jules Feiffer: The Lost American , “I do not believe in writer’s block.” 


photography Portfolios

Meryl Spiegel: Capturing Phantoms
Ana Daniel: Introduction


Art Portfolio

Sadie J. Valeri: A Classical Realist
Jim Gemake: Assembling Meaning
Ana Daniel: Introduction
Stephen Hartman: Narratives
Vincent Brandi: Les Pommiers

Memoir & Essay

David Rakoff: Isn’t it Romantic?
Konstantin Soukhovetski: Thoroughly Modern Wagner:
The Ring Commercialized
Roger Rosenblatt: David in the Present Tense
Patricia Marx: Retraction
Meg Wolitzer: Discovering Auld Angst Syne
Jacqueline Henry: My Husband’s Shirt
Daniel Menaker: Torpedoes
David Rakoff: All the Time We Have
Laura Baudo: Mourning for David
Patricia S. Follert: Thank You for Making Today Beautiful
David Rakoff: The Familiar Essay
Carrie Cooperider: The Book Bug
Joanne Pateman: Multiple Marilyn
Jane Lear: Oink Vey
Ruth Rakoff: Davey
Elaine McKay: Simple Rules for Permanence
Dinnah Lenney: Dear Mr. Roth, 
Patricia Marx: Morning David



Sally Molini: Future Nebulous Self
Ben Berman: The Same Old Satori • Arch Poetica
Pui Ying Wong: When the Volcano Erupts • Sunday: Grand Army Plaza
Joseph Dorazio: Heirs Apparent
Alexandra Scholldorf: The Truth about You • Life, Unfulfilled
Deborah Bacharach: On Seeing Blake’s Illustrations • At Four Months I Visit Chicago
Lisa Bellamy: The Rise of the Proletariat
Gerard Beirne: Meditation #41 It Is Done, My Love, It Is Done
David Starkey: Palely Loitering • Deposition • Uscita
Matthew Daddona: Snow in the Garden
Rosanne Smith: Metronome in Eden
Billy Collins: Lesson for the Day