Spring 2011 (Vol. V, No. 1)



Bharati Mukherjee: The Laws of Chance
Daly Walker: The Donor
E.B. Sanders: Where Do Babies Come From?
Hilary Mills: Confidences
Patricia Follert: A Different Part of the Sky: Novella Excerpt
Patrick Hanrahan: Bless Me Father


Art Portfolios

Paton Miller: Untitled
Grant Haffner: East End Roadways
Whitney Hansen: Untitled


Cartoon Portfolios

Liza Donnelly: Four Literary Cartoons
Jules Feiffer: Where Are You?
Michael Maslin: Four Literary Cartoons


Photography Portfolio

Michael Molinoff: Sweet Silence



Whitney Hansen: Front Cover
Michael Maslin: Back Cover
Byron Dobell: The Surf at Bridgehampton
Gahan Wilson: Moby-Dick
Gahan Wilson: Soul & Body
Jules Feiffer: Thelma & Louise & the GPS


Billy Collins: Keats: Or How I Got My Negative Capability Back • Occam • Unholy Sonnet No. 1 • Another Life
Michelle Whittaker: Barren Formerly Known as Cold Woman • A Prayer Formerly Known as Always • Lynching the Mrs. • Ain't No Sunshine • After 30 Hospitals in 2 Hours
Jim Tatum: Marina's Inferno Canto I
A.N. Devers: Singapore Reports Shower • End-Stopped
David Lehman: Bailout Package • Sermon on the Mount
Jennifer Moore: The Amnesiac and the Anemone
Janet McNally: Salome at Pharaoh's Gentleman's Club
Thomas Lux: Scriptus Interruptus • The Little Three-handed Engine That Could
Matthew Ward: My Nature Poem or oem de Natura • The First Time • Bathroom Promise • This Landscape • Lookin' Away • Train Track Pennies • Cutting Grass
Adam Fitzgerald: The Dialogue • Ho' oponopono
Tara Propper: Biorhetoric


Memoir & Personal Essay

Matthew Miranda: Locks
Jeffrey A. Brown: Moby-Dick and the Tic
Magdalene Brandeis: A Reader of Signs
Bob Morris: Wipeout
Peter Hansen: Waiting
Jennifer Brooke: Passion Time Place
Jifa Wind: Island 1972
Patricia O’Hara: The Good Place
Renée Shafransky: The Good Place
Marilyn Gottlieb: Three Blind Dates: Memorable Meal • Parking Karma • The Haunting



Barbara Bellman: The Wine Cellar