Winter/Spring 2018 (Vol. XII, No. 1)



Sophia Rubenstein: The Last Johnson Family Vacation
Julia Slavin: Moving & Storage
Charlie Sterchi: Fake Oranges
Daniel McDermott: The Divine Union Project
Remy Barnes: Two Merediths
Douglas Lawson: Baccarat
Cameron Gilhooley: Knights & Bishops
Ruth Bonapace: The Bulgarian Training Manual, an excerpt
Emma Wenninger: Fairly Predictable Errors
Vincent Scarpa: Discontinued
Daly Walker: Nui Ba Den
Derek Updegraff: Audition
Annette Handley Chandler: The Tree, excerpted from The Oneness of Things
Paola Peroni: Blame the Dogs
Saptarishi Bandopadhyay: Afterschool



Alfie Kungu: Alfie’s Happy Legs
Dan Tague: Dollar Origami
Joel Greene: Nature Seen Through Cubist Eyes
David Storey: Speak, Memory.
Adam Jonah: Speaking Out Through Fantasy
Melanie Yazzie: Symbolic Experiences
Russell Munson: Solid Water

Short Short Fiction Prize Winners

Will Finlayson: The Strip Club
Elizabeth Stix: Tsunami
Yoram Naslavsky: On the Street Corner



Billy Collins: Whiskers • Paris in May
Michelle Whittaker: To the Eyes Beholding Stardust • A Mirror of the Missing You
Christina Daub: The Shirt • Stillness • Ocean
Abby Caplin: Eggs
Giles Goodland: Proem • Third Child
Maura Lee Bee: Derivation
Roy Bentley: Angel in the Savannah Cemetery
Terese Svoboda: King Leer • Grief • Dad or God? • Starting to Show • Lightning
Matthew J. Spireng: Touching the Net
Cornelius Eady: Billie Holiday, Handcuffed to Her Death Bed • To the Taxi Brother Playing Rush on His Radio • Sam



Nancy Bannon: Blood


Memoir & Nonfiction

Lore Segal: From: The Journal I Did Not Keep
Barbara Felton: Dead Insects
Sonya Bilocerkowycz: I Saw the Sunshine, Melting
Walter Benjamin: Imperial Panorama
Paul Lustig Dunkel: Dancing on My Head
John Langenfeld: Going to See the Bats



Matt Collins: Eraser Island • A Mind of One's Own • Matinee Idyll • Delete!
Grant Snider: Ode to Lost Pens