Everything Exciting Happening at TSR

Summer/Fall 2019 Issue Available for Pre-Order
Featuring work by Rick Moody, Rachel Lyon, Katherine Faw, Aliki Barnstone, Rosebud Ben-oni, Evan Grillon, Massoud Hayoun, and more. Order your copy here

No More Submission Fees!
That's right—submissions to all general categories of TSR are free! (Previously they cost $3.) It's the fair thing to do and we're thrilled to be able to do it. 

Print Pay Rates
We pay our print contributors!*
$75 per poem
$100+ for prose
$100 per page for illustration
$200 per art portfolio
*Visit our GENERAL GUIDELINES page for the full details. 

One-Year Subscriptions for TSR Online Contributors
We're excited to offer our TSR Online contributors a one-year subscription to the print edition of the review.

New Reading Periods
Our next reading period opens August 1 and closes September 1. This is for all categories, including the TSR Short Short Fiction Prize. 

Have a passion for literature? Ever wondered what it's like to read submissions for a literary journal? You're in luck! TSR is actively seeking readers and art screeners. Email editors@thesouthamptonreview.com for more info or check out our VOLUNTEER page. 

New Subscription Prices
$15 for a single issue
$25 for a one-year (2 issues) subscription
$45 for a two-year (4 issues) subscription

Emily Gilbert