Author and Winter/Spring 2019 contributor Nick Flynn’s newest poetry collection, I Will Destroy You, was published this September.

In his latest collection, Flynn iterates on his previous dives into the personal lyric. He finds new places to go, new wounds to open and explore. I Will Destroy You is an honest accounting of all that love must transcend and what we must risk for its truth.

Nick Flynn’s Poem, “ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF MY MOTHER’S SUICIDE MY DAUGHTER AND I TAKE THE C TRAIN TO THE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY” was published in the Winter/Spring 2019 issue of TSR and is included in his new collection.

I Will Destroy You
by Nick Flynn
Pub. Sep 3, 2019

“Nick Flynn’s poems are gritty and emotional, grim and loving, funny and also about death and addiction and grief. I can’t wait to sleep with this volume under my pillow.”—Literary Hub

“What is there to say when a book is such absolute perfection—beauty, grief, and redemption—that it literally takes all words and air from the mouth?”—Jacqueline Woodson

“Nick Flynn, that charismatic horse thief, is up to it again. Standing this close. Whatever you have or had to lose (to win), he’s already stolen and sold it. And yet you still (and so badly) want to hear from him, have him tell you how we (can) live.”—Olena Kalytiak Davis

Emily Gilbert